Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Creating with Fabric

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday Season so far. We had a family filled Christmas. My favorite kind. We had a few surprises. Mostly they were for me. I received a very big present this year. I am still stunned.

Now that our children are older, my husband and I have time to take walks in town or towns near by. We love the old architecture and enjoy just walking around. The weather had turned very cold on one of our walks and we ducked into a shop. I had seen a couple of chairs I just loved because they match family pieces passed down by my husband's family. (I had asked for beautiful handmade wooden embroidery tools for Elizabethan embroidery for my Christmas gift. I received them and was thrilled.) I was very happy and had no idea there was more. My husband had covertly hidden them at this office building. Another tenant held them until they were delivered to our home in my absence. To say I was stunned was an understatement. Well here they are.

They didn't look so big in the shop. I have been instructed to locate a place in our home and that they will be moved only one more time. They were teasing me because of the weight of each is one is on the very heavy end of the scale.
I was so touched he remembered ( and would put his back out lifting these for me) I am a very lucky lady. They really put one over on me. What a wonderful surprise.

I have finally gotten back to work with fabric and am enjoying being able to spread out in the new studio.

I made an retro print apron for me. All I need is the high heels and pearls while I bake. TEE HEE

I am also back to working on the 3rd crazy quilt block for my children. Here is the instructions for making a colonial knot to create wisteria.

Wrap your ribbon or thread over the needle, then under. Place the tip of the needle into the fabric next to where you brought it through from the back.Pull the thread tight against the fabric. You will see the knot form.

Pull the needle and thread through the fabric. A wonderful "blossom" of the wisteria will be created. Add as many knots as you like. They are beautiful in one color or varied in shade.


Until next time...


  1. Thanks Debra, Christmas was lovely. Like yours, our was a quiet family affair.

    Your present is marvellous - some robust Arts & Crafts chairs. Much better than the snap together Ikea ones. What a wonderful surprise!

    Your beautiful embroidery always inspires me to get out my silk ribbons and start stitching again. I haven't done any in such a long time.

    Another stunning work in the making.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. Dear Debra,
    I found your blog by Google! Ha! Isn't that great? So disregard the request on Quilting Friends to send me the link!

    Also, gorgeous work on the wysteria! It is lovely! Wysteria is almost a wild weed here and colors the forest in the spring... but danger, it will strangle a tree quickly!
    Have a great New Years!

  3. Beautiful chairs Debra! Husband's can be pretty amazing sometimes (mine loves to do the 'secret' thing!)

    You'll have to serve martini's to your husband when he gets home from work if you're going to wear that apron! It is gorgeous though, gives me good inspiration.



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