Monday, November 10, 2008

The Studio is nearly complete

I am so thrilled with finally having a bright space to work. It was worth all the work.

Here the "nickel tour".

The seating area to embroider. I made the screen to the right out of two hollow core doors from our office rehab. I faux painted them and used a textured wall paper to create the look of an embossed leather screen.

This is my work area. The table was a Christmas gift last year and have been in boxes in the basement for a year.

The threads, beads, and ribbons are all organized by color. All the scissors and rotary cutters are on the other side of the closet and also organized.

Another work area for sewing. Check out the message and project board. It is finally complete.

I added a skirt to the bottom of the metal door work top.(I used painter's drop cloths) I also added black buttons for trim.

Last corner is for reference and display. I also use the "shoe organizer" for projects. As I find buttons, lace, material for future projects, I place them in a slot. This keeps each project organized and the pieces are at hand quickly to compare to new finds.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Now that the wedding is over and I have a great new space to create. I will try to work on embroidery and sewing on Fridays. Decorating , painting , and crafts on Monday. Thanks for all your patience as I made this major transition in life.
Until next time...


  1. Oh Debra, how exciting!

    It looks wonderful but way too organised and tidy!!


  2. Debra,

    It looks great. I like the shoe cubby... that gives me an idea which may work in the "closet", which is my computer area.


  3. What a marvellous work room where you can be inspired to make and create even more beuatiful things.

    The lovely chair by the window, a cupboard of organised materials and plenty of space to house reference materials and display beloved items.

    Your interior design is beautifully co-ordinated - the message board looks terrific! Such a clever cover for the metal door work cabinet.

    I know you will spend many happy hours creating lovely things here.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  4. Hi Debra:
    What a great area to work in and it looks like you have a beautiful view out the window.


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