Monday, November 17, 2008

Inspirational Quotes for the wall

I love quotes and sayings that inspire. Here is a quick way to add them to your wall for everyday inspiration.

Using monochromatic colored frames for this project works well to highlight the words, instead of the frame. First figure out how to break up the quote by only using a few words per frame.

Choose a font on your computer to enhance the quote. Is it formal, silly, etc. Adjust the size to fit your frames. I also used a clear rubber stamp, a different one for each frame. Using the clear stamps helped with proper placement.

These were arranged in different size frames and at different heights to be a little more whimsical. The quote as far as I know does not have an author, so I can not attribute it to anyone. "The secret to Life is to be Grateful". It is viewed from my comfortable chair in my new studio. A perfect reminder for everyday.

Until next time...


  1. That's a terrific idea. I love the way you have split the saying into a number of frames.

    It's a great saying too!


  2. What a great idea, and a wonderful way of sharing it with visitors to your room.

    You have the most amazing ideas!


  3. What a great idea. You definitely have talent when it comes to creating things.


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