Monday, November 3, 2008

Faux Painting

Yeah!!!! I think the problem has finally been resolved. I am thrilled to finally be back on track.

I have been working during this brief delay transforming my oldest daughter's old bedroom to a studio and sewing room. It is bittersweet. I miss her very much. I am also excited about finally spreading out in a room that has wonderful views of the garden and plenty natural light. I have previously been in the basement. This is the remains of the room after the move out.

I began faux painting the walls using two glazes. I always save the old plastic whip cream and butter containers. They are great for mixing and storing the glazes while you work. For this I used a plain glaze(it will look white in the can) and added a craft paint to it. The white glaze dries clear leaving only the color you add to it on the wall. Both the brown and the off white glazes will be added over the yellow textured walls.

When we built the house we had the walls textured to look like old plaster or stucco walls. It helps in the creation of the "Old World" look of our French Country home.

I began by using a paint brushes and edging the walls on the top and bottom. (Also make sure you finish the corners. Feather out the color with the paint brush. You only need a small amount of glaze. It will glide over the paint.

Next step is to use a sea sponge and apply the first glaze. I chose the brown. Make sure you change the position of the sponge and direction as you go across your wall.

Also blend any spots where you can tell there are sponge marks. You can soften them with another brush or remove some of the glaze with cloth.

The most common mistakes with faux painting is to leave the marks of application. If you are trying to create a realistic look, you want to make sure the sponge marks do not show.

Last I added an off white glaze to get the look of age. The 3 colors give it much more depth.

Can't wait to move it and start all those new projects for the holidays.

Until next time... (it hopefully will not be so long)


  1. Honestly Deb, you should ...and doing this for a living. It's a great effect and although my sewing room is small I love having a light-filled dedicated space overlooking the garden.

    No doubt yours will be wonderful when it's finished.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  2. It's certainly a nice thing to have your own creative space, and even though your dear daughter has moved on I'm sure you'll make the most of it all!


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