Thursday, September 18, 2008

Presto - Changeo

For years our home was decorated with only natural flowers. Our Christmas home was filled with real boxwood and fruit trees. Apples and pine boughs. Then one of our children developed allergies and we had to come up with new items. Artificial flowers can be expensive if you try to find realistic varieties. Here was my solution. I created several large pieces and then just add or change out parts of the arrangement depending on the season. The large arrangement stays basically intact. It is a budget saver and the change is quick from season to season. Here is an example.

Our Summer Urn arrangement:

For Fall I added a few "fall leaves and grasses". And Ta Da the arrangement is now for Fall.

With the wedding a week away, I need to finish decorating before our incoming guests arrive.

Until next time...


  1. Hello!

    What a great idea!
    You blog is wonderful and you have a beautiful home.

    I hope the wedding will be fantastic.
    My daughter is only 16 months so I have a couple of years before she walk down the ile.

    Have a great day in you part of the country.

  2. Great job! Seasonal ribbon works wonders, too!
    Karla & Karrie

  3. Arrangement is pretty!

    Enjoy all that goes into a special wedding day, because it last only for a little while. So glad your visited me, please come back and tell others. Blessings, Karen

  4. Great idea. Have you ever tried dried arrangements, or does that still cause allergies?

    Have a great weekend, Jen :o)

  5. I just came across your blog for the first time and I spent about 40 minutes going back and reading older posts. You are so creative, I really enjoyed seeing all your great ideas for the wedding and bridal showers. I ran out of time, but want to come back again and read the rest of your great posts!!

  6. Your floral arrangement idea is fantastic! My best wishes to the bride and groom on their special day. I'm sure all your efforts to make their special day a success will be appreciated by all. After that, you can relax!

    All the best,


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