Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Favorite Rooms

On a favorite blog of mine, ASK Kari and Kijsa, requested we share our designs of our favorite room. Mine is a combination of 3 rooms that run together. Our family room, kitchen, and breakfast area. We spend all of our time there. I have to agree when Kari and Kijsa said it isn't just the room, but the life you live there. It is where the heart of our home truly is. When we designed our new home with a friend who is an architect. We deleted the 2 story entry we were used to in our old home and flipped the vaulted space to the back where as a family we spent all our time. These rooms are on the South side of the house and face the garden. We love the added light we have in the Winter months. The 21 foot high ceiling in the family room is a major part of the spacious feel. Our style is very "Old world" in keeping with the family heirlooms. My favorite piece is the fireplace, that I faux painted. I also created the mirror.(in one of my earlier blogs) Enjoy the tour.

The overlooks from the front of the house allows light to flow from front to back. This is the overlook from our game room into the family room.
The large windows give great light in the Winter and views of the formal garden in the Summer.

My work of Art and Fantasy.

The Family room flows into the breakfast area. It opens to the terrace and fountain area.

The hallway from the game room runs to the kids rooms and the hallway that over looks the breakfast area.

And at last the kitchen which can be viewed from the family room. The large space is great for holidays. This combination / open space is where everything from homework to watching TV is done. I love to embroider in the family room. The light is perfect.

Hope you enjoyed our favorite "Room" in the house! Can't wait to see all of yours.

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  1. Wow! What a great and spacious room! Love how it flows from one room to another!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Karla & Karrie

  2. This is absolutely stunning! Beautiful and flowing rooms...so much living that goes on here! Wonderful!

    kari & kijsa

  3. Fabulous, very gracious looking! Rachaelxo

  4. Wow! You have a beautiful home, really stunning!I especially love your kitchen. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment! ~Becky~

  5. Beautiful room(s)! Love those windows and light!

  6. What a lovely home!!!Love the beans and all your wonderful natural light that filters in your house:)

    Thanks for stopping by for muffins!


  7. This is a beautiful room...no wonder it is your favorite!

  8. What a lovely home you have.

    I especially like the nice open spaces. And I love the nice big windows providing so much light.

    Blessings - Debbie

  9. You've shown us some of these photos before, but I never get tired of looking at them.

    Thanks for the link to your dress, you're going to look absolutely stunning! (I hope we get to see a photo of you in it too!)


  10. Your home is absolutely beautiful! Those french doors are so inviting letting all the light and fresh air in.

  11. Beautiful and Grand! That kitchen is just gorgeous.

  12. Beautiful home! Love the chandelier in the family room and your fireplace.

  13. The light must be wonderful in that space. Such a wonderful place for family to gather and make memories.

  14. It all looks wonderful and perfect for entertaining. Just lovely!

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your home is simply lovely! It looks very comfortable and homey.

  16. Stunning kitchen and love your fireplace. Nice to 'meet' you!

  17. Love, love, love all of it...you have a lovely home! And your kitchen is absolutely to die for!

  18. Stunning. So much eye candy. I think all of those rooms would be my favorite as well. Isn't this fun seeing everyones favorite room.


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