Monday, September 1, 2008

Bridal Purse

The wedding pieces are coming right along. The 2oo favor boxes are now folded and glued together.
All 200 program holders are finished. With only 3 months it will be a sprint for the finish, but it is finally looking as if we will make it.

The Bridal purse is also coming along the medallion is now sewn to one of the pattern pieces and the beading is complete. The crystals do not show well but are beautiful when they catch the light.

The monogram is done by hand using a padded stitch. Split stitch to outline and a straight stitch over the top. The 3 beads on the monogram also do not show up well. That is the trouble with all white in photos. I hope this gives some impression of what it will be.

The next steps will be sewing the base together and then to the silver frame. The edges will be beaded and then a beaded handle will be created. Thank heaven for the long weekend!!!

Until next time...

1 comment:

  1. Debra your handwork is exemplary. The embroidery / beading for the purse is simply stunning. Your daughter will look like a princess on her special day - as she should.

    I really like the wire frames for the candle holders - very elegant.

    I'm sure that despite the closeness of the event, you are well organised and will make all your deadlines.

    Cheers, Ann :)


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