Monday, August 4, 2008

Wedding Memory Basket II and Guest Book

I have completed both the Memory Basket and the Guest Book.

Finishing the memory basket is as follows:

1. Finish decorating the top of the basket. A fancy woven ribbon and trim was added to the top.
The fabric piece is then added to the foam core top and the "upholstered" with a glue gun.

2. Next ribbon is used to add the "hinges" for the lid. In this case, 10 inch pieces of ribbon were
used and threaded through the weave of the basket. Pull the ends of the ribbon so they are even
and glue them together.

4. Glue the hinges to the underside of the lid. These will hidden when they are "sandwiched"
between the piece that finishes the underside. Glue a tassel or ribbon to the underside of the
front to open and close the basket with.

5. Measure the inside dimension of the basket. Cut another piece of poster board according to
measurements. Next cut batting and glue to this piece same as you did the lid. Cover this
with your matching fabric. Now glue the two raw sides together leaving the finished sides out.
The ribbon hinges and the tassel cord should be sandwiched in the middle.

The basket is now complete.

The guest book is similar in that the word guest is upholstered to foam core and glued on the purchased book. The berries had to wired instead of sewn in.

The basket will hold the scrolls we will create for place settings of each guest. The scrolls are in a small clear bag with a silver ring. There will be a note attached requesting their help in creating a memory for the bride and groom for their first anniversary. It asks that they unroll the scroll write down a favorite memory of the day, well wishes, etc. re-roll the scroll and replace the ring.
At the end of the day the scrolls are placed in the basket for the my daughter and her new husband to open on their 1st anniversary.

The guest book although plain when first purchased is now a beautiful addition.

Two items down. Only the garter, the veil, the bridal bag ....

Until next time...

As a side note: I will be begin posting on Mondays and Fridays. I hope to make it easier to follow along. I will have the time to work on items and you will not have to check back each day. Thanks.


  1. I really do enjoy looking at these, good luck with the rest

  2. The guest book is a lovely addition. I wish I'd had these sort of things for my wedding, I've got so many things stored in shoe boxes!



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