Friday, August 22, 2008

Topiary Frame Candle holders a wedding alter.

Creating pieces for my daughter's wedding has been a fun process. I found these topiary frames on clearance and I loved their shape and size. When I asked if they came apart the sales person said yes. When I started putting class cylinders inside he finally asked what I was doing. He thought I had know idea what they were intended for. When I explained what I was hoping to use them for, he became so excited and started helping me find glass containers.

I purchased two 3 foot high frames for the wedding and 1 smaller one for the reception. First step is to open the frame. There is a ring in the bottom for a plant to grow on the frame. Many of the glass piece actually fit in the ring securely.

I was unable to find the perfect height so I had to find pieces and make do. They are secured using heavy duty glue dots.

The larger frames I used the bottom half of a apothecary jar and a glass plate to bring the height up to where I needed it. I tried to give you the idea with a few artificial flowers what they will look like with the flowers. There will be more flowers on the frames at the wedding. The size creates drama and saves on the cost of the purchasing large flower arrangements for the wedding.

When the flowers are gone we will also have keepsakes from the wedding.
The larger ones will go to my garden and the smaller one to my daughter's new home for small garden to be created. (Or she can keep it as a candle holder)

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  1. Well, Hi! I did not know you had a blog. I have not been on quilting friends for a while. I just found you through Alice's blog. Everything is so nice. :-)

  2. Brilliant Debra! So much prettier as candle holders.

    This wedding is going to be stunning!



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