Monday, August 25, 2008

Heirloom Wedding Garter

This weekend was a romantic one in so many ways. My daughter's dress came in and we went for the fitting. It was just wonderful to see her the gown she chose. She was so gorgeous. Can't believe the time has gone by so quickly. I remember her as this beautiful little baby. So much time has passed since then. I could not be prouder of the life she has created and all that she has accomplished in just 25 years. It doesn't seem possible she will be a married woman soon.
We also attended a wedding of our friend's daughter in the Yaddo Rose Garden. The weather was sunny and the wedding could not have been more beautiful. It finally became real to us that in a month, it will be our daughter saying her vows and my husband will be in the father/daughter dance.

The heirloom garter Danielle will keep is finally done. We will create a blue one to be thrown at the wedding. I used a 6 inch piece of lace that came from our family. I cut about a third from the top and placed it on the bottom two thirds to create a double ruffle. Make sure you have both right sides facing up and the cut edges aligned. The laces are then gathered and sandwiched into a two pieces of ribbon. The ribbon casing holds the elastic band for the garter. Again in this case, their names and wedding date were done by machine. The garter is complete with beading on both tiers and the ribbon rose. Here is a closer view. The crystals are hard to photograph, but click on the picture and more detail will emerge.

The fabric finally came in for the bridal purse. I have started hand embroidering the monogram and flowers surrounding it. I hope to have enough progress done to share on Friday.

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