Friday, August 15, 2008


I took the day off to enjoy the garden. I am still working on the wedding but in the clerical way of addressing shower invitations. Sitting on the terrace and writing out invitations is much easier in the garden. We have had non stop rain these last few weeks. It hasn't been much fun for us, but the garden is just wonderful. I thought I would share my favorites.
August heat (and in this case rain too) always brings the Rose of Sharon and the Hibiscus plants to bloom. We have many colors and types. The blue, really purple to me, are the favorites.

My perch under the umbrella is part of my morning routine. The blue Rose of Sharon is on the right and the double pink with lighter leaves is on the left.

On the other side of the terrace is the red Rose of Sharon. We actually had this plant moved from our former home before we put it up for sale. It is now almost two stories high.

Many of the plants in our former yard we dug up and wrapped in burlap before our home was put on the market. We have only had 3 real seasons in our new home, but the plants were already mature and looks like our garden has been here much longer.

The hibiscus plants are just beautiful.
The blooms are the size of a luncheon

The rain has also helped the rest of the garden to flourish. The pears and apples are coming along on the espalier. The kiwi vine is almost covering the arbors in all four directions. The annuals are beautiful and full.

There is peace in the garden. I hope you enjoyed a few minutes with me.

Until next time...


  1. Aw Deb,

    What a perfect way to stop and reflect. I can see why you would prefer to be on your patio to do the invitations.

    I do enjoy your garden... *grin*


  2. I can't blame you for wanting to spend so much time there, such a beautiful garden! :o)


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