Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Creating Garden Architecture

The fabric is still not in for the bridal bag. I have 4 weeks and counting. I am a little panicked. Instead of stressing I create. I found some beautiful topiary frames that I will be using for the alter at the wedding. I'll show those on Friday's blog. For now I will show you how to use an inexpensive resin piece and age it. This piece is great indoors or out.

Now is the time to find bargains in the garden department. I found these two finals for a few dollars and loved the scale. I hated the dark color. The color of the metal did not fit the stone texture. Using a combination of cream, sand brown, and gray the final is transformed from the brown unrealistic metallic stone to the lighter version on the right.

Along with your paint, you will need a stiff regular wall brush, a blending brush, and a sea sponge.
Begin by sponging on the color with the sea sponge.

Blend it using the stiff wall brush that has been wet down.

The best faux painting occurs when the method of application is not detected. (that means you don't see the sponge or brush marks) You should have a very natural look. I actually used my gloved hands to create the pits or lichen in the paint. It is then softened with the blending brush. The fact that it is paint is makes trial and error. If you have too much paint in one area, just wet the stiff brush and go back over that area until you have the look you want.
In the end a weathered piece is uneven. This is a great beginner piece to start with.

In the next post I will be using urn topiary frames and creating candle holders for the wedding.
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