Friday, August 29, 2008

Bridal Purse Embroidery

This will be a short post. We take our son to college today for his first year. I can not believe the time has flown so quickly. It has been a year of great emotions, but that is a mother's life with our children. You raise them to be independent. I find such joy in their accomplishments, but sadness that they have to learn to be on their own to complete their dreams. The day is destined to be filled with mixed emotions.

Here is the beginning of the Bridal purse. The embroidery of the medallion is made up of silk ribbon and other embroidery techniques. The final purse will be sewn to a silver frame and will have a beaded strap.

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  1. How absolutely gorgeous! What an exquisite heirloom you have created. Thanks also for your caring post about the hurricane and my daughter. We have a lot in common. We know well, Athletes in Action as we have had several friends involved in that ministry since the 70's! It is so great to meet a friend that is miles away but through the miracle of the internet, we can share so much! I am thinking and praying for your family as you approach the wedding!

  2. Beautiful skilled stitches!


  3. Beautiful! Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
    Have a wonderful Labor Day,
    kari & kijsa


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