Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wedding Memory Box -Creating Ribbon Orchids

Okay so the All rose theme is out and green orchids/ cranberry roses theme is in for the wedding.
It is time that this old girl to learn to create a few new designs.
I have never made an orchid in ribbon before... but for the love of a child. What we Moms will do to have their dreams come true.

I decided to use a satin type of ribbon because the "body" of the ribbon is much stiffer than silk.
It also has a sheen that mimics the waxy petal of an orchid.
Looking at pictures you realize that there are 5 basic petals. Three larger and two smaller.
The center was a completely different and will be created separately.
Using different widths of ribbon, 5 petals were created. Larger width for the 3 larger petals, slightly smaller width for the remaining 2 petals.

Using a off white ribbon and ruching technique the center is created.

Now for the fun part. Using fabric dyes, paint the 3 petals to resemble the colors of the orchid.
Remember in nature each flower is different- you can't make a mistake.

Paint the stems of a stamen and insert it through the middle.
In these pictures the flower components are just stacked together. When sewn to the base fabric of the memory basket, the petals can be further manipulated to resemble a more realistic flower.

How many more do I need for this wedding?

Until next time....


  1. Beautiful! Love this design.

  2. That's what I was going to ask! I hope all these beautiful things don't wear your fingers to the bone!!

    Once you painted the orchid it almost looked real.


  3. Wow, those are beautiful! You are so talented!


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