Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wedding Memory Basket

There are a few more items to create for the shower, but in the mean time, I wanted to get started on the wedding memory basket. The memory basket will be a memory of the wedding with the names and date. The flowers on the top compliment the wedding flowers. It will hold notes, memories, and well wishes collected from all the guests at the reception written to my daughter and her fiance' on their wedding day. The notes are saved and will be opened on their first anniversary. It hopefully will help them relive the day and help the freezer burned wedding cake top go down a little easier.
Here is the one I made for my brother and sister-in-law's wedding . It was published in "Somerset Wedding" last year. The flower's are silk ribbon hand-dyed. Some are created separately and are sewn on. Other flowers are embroidered onto the fabric. The grapevine is embroidery floss stiffened. The colors and flowers matched the flowers of the wedding.

My daughter Danielle loved dragonflies when she was little. (Even before they became a popular decorative item. ) We had a pool and lived on a small lake. The two did not always mix when the dragon flies would mistake the pool for the lake. Danielle would always rescue them.
I usually add them when embroidering, because they remind me of her loving nature and caring heart.
I decided her wedding memory basket and guest book should have a dragonfly mixed in with the flowers, even if they don't fit the theme of her fall wedding. It will be a lovely reminder of the the wonderful child she was and the caring woman she is now.

I am working with a stumpwork dragonfly so that it will be dimensional.

The fabric for the wings is a gossamer sheer fabric.The look adds to the beautiful translucent illusion of a real dragonfly wind.

The fabric is first placed in a hoop. Wire is used to make the wings stand up. Shape a piece of cloth cover wire into a shape for the wing.

Place it on top of the fabric and begin by using a button hole stitch to cover the wire and attach it to the fabric.

Complete the process for as many wings needed. There are four for this dragon fly. Two large and two small.

Eventually the wings are cut away from the base fabric and attached to the memory basket
fabric. First additional stitching will be added to create a realistic wing.

Tomorrow decoration of the wings.

Until next time...


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