Monday, July 7, 2008

Wedding Memory Basket-dragonfly continued

Using fly stitches and a small braid in silver and gold, the veining on the wings was added. The wings can be cut out from the base fabric and are beautiful at this stage. I love to embellish so I am adding beaded picot trim to the edge of the wings. It is very simple stitch, but adds a little extra color and dimension.

First step is to bring your thread to the top of the wing from the back of the fabric and blanket stitches. The second step is to load your thread and needle with 3 seed beads and take the thread to the back again by inserting the needle just to the right of your original stitch.

The third step is to bring the thread to the front just to the left of the original stitch.
Step four is to thread the needle back through the 1st bead and the 3rd bead, leaving the middle or second bead on top. When the thread is drawn tight it makes the beads "stack" into a pyramid
shape creating the picot.

After drawing your thread through your beads, return the thread to the underside of the wing going through the fabric just to the right of the 3rd bead.

You can begin your next beaded picot or tie it off on the back.

It is that easy.

Until next time...

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