Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wedding Memory Basket - Completed dragonfly wind

Completing the dragonfly wings is very easy. Finish by beading around the entire edge of the wing.

Next step is just to cut out each wing from the base fabric. Cut close to the stitching to release the wing, without actually cutting the stitches. The wings will look beautiful when they are attached again to our dragonfly.

The wings are done and will have to wait for the memory basket fabric to be embroidered with the names and date. The fabric will be added to the embroidery frame. It is at this point that the dragonfly body will be created and the wings will be attached. The body will be embroidered and beaded into the base fabric for the basket. The wings are added and will be attached at their base only. The rest of the wing will stand up off the base fabric as if the dragon fly could take flight.
I will continue to work on the dimensional flowers. When all the components are created, the basket fabric will be embroidered and constructed.
Next I will work on the orchids. These will be grouped with the cranberry silk roses on top of the basket.

Until next time...

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