Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wedding Basket -Embroidery, adding flowers

The machine embroidery is done and all the bits and pieces are finally coming together. The machine embroidery was done for both the guest book and the memory basket. I had to change out the embroidery stand frame to create a smaller working surface to keep the tension tighter. The roses were made with 3 different types of ribbon to give them a more natural look. The Burgundy rose was made with silk, silk/satin, and finally a two sided satin. It is heavier than just silk, but the combination creates the hue and sheen of the real rose. I apologize for the pictures. Some were taken last night as I worked and some this morning. The light changes in the pictures drastically and this is the reason.

Taking the flower and dragonfly components, arrange them as you would an arrangement. Temporarily position them with straight pins to the fabric. This allows you to adjust the pieces until you like the composition of the piece.

Just tack in position with a needle and thread from the back of the fabric. Some of the orchid leaves are not tacked down and will be secured just before the fabric is attached to lid when that is created. The lid is approximately 12"X17".

Creating the dragonfly is a little different. Tack a piece of felt to the fabric. Using stitches of your choice, cover it completely to create the body. Many times I use just beads to create the body, but the wings were already heavily beaded. A metallic thread was a better choice.

Create the legs and then attach the wings. The wire allows you to position them and keep them "free standing".

Last add the stiffened embroidery floss. I cut it into pieces, but it can just be one continuous flowing vine. It was easier in this instance to cut it into smaller pieces to work into the large dimensional pieces. In place it is elegant and doesn't look like the curly mess anymore.

I am leaving the piece on the embroidery frame for a little longer. My daughter also has berries in the wedding flowers she ordered. I am not sure yet if I will add these. They have changed in color from when I started and I am not sure if it will be too much in this small arrangement. I am going to give it a day and then decide. Construction on the lid is next on the agenda. And then the guest book will be created to co-ordinate with the basket.
Here is the piece so far. The change to the roses and orchids was a great choice. The colors are beautiful together. (The distortion and wrinkles will go away when the piece is flat and not in an embroidery frame.)

Until next time...


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. Love the dragonfly

  2. Debra,

    What a lovely wedding this will be. Your basket is looking very beautiful.


  3. How wonderful! It is gorgeous! Such original touches will make this a memorable wedding for all!

  4. Beautifully done! This is going to be a very special wedding.



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