Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!

It is a wonderful time to celebrate the birth of our country and the freedoms we have.
With all the parades and fireworks, I hope you find time to enjoy the festivities.

I give thanks to those who have come before us and made it safe, secure, and free. I give thanks to our military still serving our country here and around the world to maintain our freedom. We keep you in my prayers daily and say THANK YOU from our family for the monumental work you continue do on a daily basis for all of us. For your selflessness, courage, and commitment we are truly grateful.

For us the weekend means parades, parades, and more parades.
Our son is a bagpiper. He is part of a Pipe and Drum band. Here is one of my favorite pictures when he was much younger and just starting out.

This week the garden has been calling too.
I love topiary and I have been working on creating topiary with chicken wire, potting soil, and sheet moss. I started a Swan last year and covered it with sedum. It is doing quite well this year and is almost covered. The plants actually have some blooms coming too. I hope to add a "necklace" of blooms to the neck for more color.

The blooms in the rest of the garden keep coming with the combination of heat and rain.

The fruit has also benefited from the rain.
The espaliered pears are coming as well as the apples.

I even found a surprise lurking in the Garden.
Happy 4th Everyone.

Until Next time...

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  1. Happy 4th Debra!

    I love the bagpipes, must be all that Scottish blood in me. I've always found it very stirring.

    Your garden is looking so beautiful. It's hard for me to imagine anything like that right now - everything here has gone to sleep for the winter!!

    Jen :o)


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