Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finishing the Wedding Memory Basket Part I

Choose a Basket that you love and that will compliment the event. Since this is a Fall wedding, I chose a dark colored basket in a rich brown.

Round or Square, with our without a handle, it doesn't matter. Measure the basket width and length. (Or diameter if it is round) You can flip the basket over and trace it, but chances are the basket is not perfectly shaped. The finished top will look much better if the top is perfect even if the basket is slightly off. Cut a piece of acid free foam core for the lid using the measurements. Next cut a piece of fabric batting and wrap the "lid".

The embroidered piece is layered and attached on top of the batting. These pictures are shown with the piece laying on top so you get the idea. It will be completely attached in the next post.

I did add the hypericum berries. I tried painting half the glass pearl first with a light color, but it did not realistic enough, so I just sewed them in as is. The berries were created using a small seed bead in the same color and green silk ribbon in a Japanese ribbon stitch for leaves.

When the piece is laid flat on the lid, the dimension of the dragonfly is more evident

Next post the underside of the lid will be finished and the lid attached to the basket.

Until next time...

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