Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Creating Dessert Stands from Lampshades, candleholders, and plates

So you didn't inherit the family crystal for entertaining. Don't worry. You can have more fun making unusual serving pieces yourself.

Collect all kinds of glass ware: Candle holders, old glass lamp shades, Crystal lamp pieces, plates, and bowls.
You can find them at discount stores, garage sales, and, flea markets. ( We were lucky enough to have a rehab of an old building. I saved all the old shades.)

Think of the combinations and how they will look together. Here are some examples.
They are not glued to together yet, so please forgive the items being askew.

Let's start building the possibilities:
First find a sturdy base. In this case I used a lamp shade turned upside down and then placed a candle holder upside down on top.
On the right are the pieces together. On the left what they look like separated.

I placed a crystal from a lamp next and inverted the order of the next candle holder and lamp shade. We now have a beautiful base or with a candle inside it is just beautiful as is.

With a plate it becomes a beautiful dessert service piece.

Okay not your style:

You want Victorian, add another lampshade:

Or Cottage Style: Use old platters. The small front piece has a lampshade base, the larger pieces are created with candle holders for a base.

Modern : No problem. Use two lampshades, One old globe and one flat ceiling shield. Make sure to put a glass platter on top if you are using it for food. The ceiling fixture has a hole in it where it is screwed on to the fixture. I think this would be gorgeous with a fat 4 wick candle and small river rock around it on the table. It would make quite a modern centerpiece.

Using a 2 part epoxy glue that is made for glass start gluing the pieces together. I used a faster setting one. (24 hours to set up does not fit into my life style) Also remember not to use the glue anywhere food will come in contact to it. Only use the glue in the base where no food will be present. You can create a smaller stand to set on top of a larger one if you want to create the tiered effect. I have actually used hot glue in the past and then with a heat gun took the pieces apart. It is a temporary solution if you want to go that route. Just one word of caution. Do not set the items with hot glue in a sunny area. Your hot glue will melt and your piece will come apart.

So how does it look in a real setting? You tell me.

And a good time was had by all......very inexpensively!

Until next time.....


  1. WOW, woman are you ever creative. Thanks so much for visiting me and for your comment. I'll be adding you to my great gal blog list.Taking Kailee to a pool today and meeting up with another Grandma and her Granddaughter. It's hot here in Minnesota.Blogging is my new friend. Warmly, Deb (warmly, hot in Minnesota, hot flashes, it all goes together!):) :) :)

  2. Great idea! Love the combinations!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  3. Love it! Wouldn't work in our house, both hubby and I are great clutzes - I'm sure it would end in tears! :o)

    *hugs* Jen

  4. What a great way to reuse items!

    They look wonderful, and the table layout, spectacular!



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