Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday in the Garden - what's new

It was a quiet morning in the Garden. There are so many new changes. Beautiful flowers are blooming and projects are coming along. It is also a time to reflect and cherish memories.
I have taken a few days off from creating items for the wedding and shower to celebrate our son's High School graduation. For us this is a milestone. With all the medical complications since his birth, we were not sure what his life would be like at this point. He has been blessed with intelligence, a kind heart, and gifts in both music and languages. He is ready for the challenges ahead. (Who am I kidding, even at 3 he was talking to doctors more like an adult.) Our favorite memory of our son at around the same age is the following: He asked my husband, his father, if he would be allowed to do something. As a good parent my husband replied, "Let's ask Mom". Our son looked at him stunned and said. "Dad you are the biggest man in this house, you think you could make the decision yourself". My husband just wanted to laugh. It is tough having a 31/2 year old bring you up short. But that was Thomas, wise beyond his years. He dealt with adversity with grace. We send him out into the world knowing he is a wonderful human being. We have been blessed.

As I stroll along this morning I will share what is new in the garden.
The Lillies are blooming. I take pictures each year to use in creating realistic flowers I embroider.They will be fun to make this Winter in Silk Ribbon. The red look almost like plastic they are so strong in color. How could nature produce any thing so bold?

The orange/red are stunning in the landscape.

The shade garden in the back has also come to life with the Astilbe. We planted the pink, red, and white. They have bloomed just in time to replace the Bleeding hearts.
Finally the front of our home. We built our dream home 4 years ago ,a French Country designed by our friend an architect. We added window boxes last year. Each year I change the boxes a little. This year I chose a brighter palette of flowers. I love the country blend. Less formal this year.

The other boxes match,as do the urns flanking the front door, and large garden piece.

Please forgive the front steps they are in the middle of some rehab before the shower. We are adding stone instead of the stucco to the front of the stone steps. We had a really rough Winter and chipping ice off the steps, left the stucco on the front of each step in rough shape.I think it will actually look better than the original design.

Well that is all that is new. Hope you will forgive my moment of reflection. Sometimes you just need to take a minute to enjoy life. I promise next blog will be back to the shower creations.

Until next time.....


  1. Your garden is so beautiful! I love those window boxes and the color of the flowers you chose are so beautiful together!

  2. The flowers are so lovely. Great photos. Your artwork looks heirloom quality.

    Do you have time for a little tea? Stop on by, I have party hats and baubles and moondancing.

  3. No need to apolgise, your garden is well worth the excuse!

    I love lilliums, such a stunning display.

    Congratulations for your son, you must be so proud of him! :o)

  4. Debra,

    Thanks for the moment of bliss. As I read your blog entry, and viewed the photos, I was there. A moment away from everything.



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