Monday, June 9, 2008

"one bite at a time"

The old saying when referring to a big project is "How do you eat an Elephant?"
Answer: "One bite at a time". Last night was the first day of "one bite at a time" countdown.
We are making favor boxes for my daughter's wedding in September. We have a little over 3 months to complete all our tasks. We have made favor boxes before, but not for so many. Each night I plan to cut out at least 10 boxes. In 20 days I should have the entire 200 cut out.When we entertain at the house it is fun to customize our party favors.
Use a computer program to create the boxes, customize them for your event, then photocopy them on to colored Card Stock. After you cut them out and fold them, it is on to decorations. You can decorate them anyway you like. Think stickers, rubber stamps, ribbons, and flowers. The scrap booking isle is a great source of inspiration.

Here are examples of Christmas favors for our neighbors and my Brother's wedding favors.

The Christmas favors were also rubber stamped with an embossed with design. We added a small Christmas ornament in each box.

The Wedding boxes were a little different. We added sayings regarding "kisses" from famous people on Vellum paper inside each boxes. We used chocolate kisses underneath in shredded paper as the candy. We also added flowers to match the wedding color to the front of the box.

15 boxes down 185 to go.... Until next time


  1. Hey Debra,
    Very cool blog! Glad that you decided to venture into blogland. I hope you'll be able to post more pictures of your beautiful embroidery on here. I am looking forward to checking back for inspiration!


  2. Hi,
    Thanks so much for stopping by. Welcome to blogland!

    Sounds like you'll be busy with wedding preparations.
    The little boxes are so cute.

    I'm looking forward to reading more about your quilts and stunning embroidery work.

    Kimberly :)


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