Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Morning in the Garden - an introduction

An introduction

Strolling through the garden early morning is one of my favorite things to do. It is quiet-only the birds are singing.It is a time to dream, think, and pray. The fountain gives me solace. I think the sound of water does that for most people. It is our 3rd year with this garden and it still can't believe we created it from a muddy piece of land.
It is great to have a few minutes to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I love creating ribbon flowers and embroidery pieces using the many flowers that bloom throughout the season as inspiration.
An example:
The rose of Sharon bushes in our yard have bright colors and the wonderful textures on each flower. You have to look closely.

I love trying to create realistic pieces of embroidery that resemble the flowers in our garden. Using different techniques, ribbon, floss, fibers and beads I hope I attained that goal.The piece to the right Is the center of my Crazy quilt block for my children.The inspiration of course is the flower to the left.

Although I have written other blogs for quilting etc., I decided venture out in a personal blog to have greater latitude to create. This year is an exciting one. My oldest daughter is getting married, my son will be off to college the same month, and the youngest daughter is thrilled to be "an only child" for a while.
I look forward to expanding my creative projects, working on the heirloom wedding pieces, and finding inspiration from all of you. It should be fun. Until next time.

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