Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dyeing Ribbon and making "berries" with beads

I am still working on the guest book for the wedding. I will continue to create ribbon flowers after I finish dyeing the ribbon. Create a dye bath. Wet the ribbon before placing it into the dye.

Place the the ribbon into the dye and let it "steep". I will let it remain in the dye until the cranberry color matches the wedding color.

Creating the berries with the pearls is easy. Follow these steps to create your own.
Thread a large beige pearl and then the small seed bead onto the wire. Thread the wire back through the large bead creating a loop that holds the seed bead to the top of the pearl.
The bead on the wire of the left shows the first step to create the berries.
Twist the two wire tails after seed bead is pulled tight. Using one of the tails, start adding a second medium beige bead and repeat the process.
Finish with the last of the trio with a large pearl and seed bead.
Twist the two long tails. The trio of beads are then added to others to create the large clusters. Add the crystals stems to the back and twist it to the tails of the pearls.The next blog will detail the creation of the flowers and finish the guest book.
The shower decorations and invitations are looming on the horizon. I decided on a bird/garden theme for the shower. I have been going through my collection of bird things to use at the shower buffet.The color will be a light blue, beige, and brown. Here is a hint of things I am working on. I have added glass leaves to a wire bird's nest. Look for a future blog on creating the decorations and invitations for the shower. Here's a peek...

Until next time.......


  1. Wow Debra,

    You work amazes me. You are very talented.

    Will you adopt me, and I'll get married again?


  2. I do not use Blogger... so I can't help you... yet.

    I'll ask a few of my blogger friends that use Blogger, how to add the links, and then send it to you.


  3. Alice is right, you are VERY talented!! I love the little tea light holders too, so sweet.

    Alice also told me that you'd like some tips with Blogger. You can email me at - jenbrock48@yahoo.com.au let me know what you want to add and I'll email back some instructions if you like!

    Jen :o)

  4. Can't wait to see your book all come together Debra.

    So glad you are a Wagonwife! Welcome to blog land!



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