Sunday, June 22, 2008

Creating Ribbon Roses

I used the following steps to create ribbon roses. I did redyed the cranberry. The original ribbon color was a little too magenta in hue. I added more wine color to deepen the color.
Starting your rose:
Lay your ribbon flat on the table . Take the right end of the ribbon and fold it down until this piece is vertical to the original length of ribbon. Shown in the following picture.

Step 2: Start rolling the right corner to the left along the horizontal ribbon as shown in the following picture.

Taking a needle and thread of matching color tack the bottom to maintain the shape.
Continue rolling the ribbon to the left, tacking along the bottom as you add the outer "petals". This will create the center of the rose.( or a complete rose is you choose)
It should look something like this:

The rose looks beautiful already and you can use it just as it is or you can continue adding addition single "petals" to create a larger rose. I used silk/satin for the center and I am using a natural silk for the outer petals. The look of the natural silk gives a more realistic look of the open rose. Cut 4 to 5 inch pieces of the natural silk. Taking the needle and thread run a simple line of stitching along one end across one long side and back up the other end. Gather the thread.
The gathered edge will be the interior of the rose petal. The straight edge the outer part of the petal. An example of both the before and after are in the following picture.

Attach several single petals to your rolled rose until you like the size and shape.
Your finished roses will look very realistic.

I will be taking a little detour from the wedding pieces for a short time. We visited the local florists to view flowers. After dyeing all the ribbon for roses, my daughter, the bride to be found a beautiful orchid in a green shade with a cranberry throat. Well I have never made orchids, but I hope this old lady can learn a few new tricks if my daughter decides to add them. Here's hoping. I will complete the flower arrangements on the wedding book when the decision is finalized.
The shower items will be in the next few blogs. The decorations will include such things as the candles, invitations, and making sugar cubes with little bird's nests. Should be fun.
Until next time....

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  1. No, YOUR rose looks quite realistic, mine would look rather shabby I'm sure!

    There's no end to your talent! :o)


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