Thursday, June 12, 2008

Creating an Heirloom Guest Book

It means a great deal to me to create heirlooms for my daughter's wedding. I have ordered fabric from the company that is creating the wedding dress for a bridal bag. While waiting for the fabric to arrive, I have started on other small projects. (Update on the boxes. 35 cut out, only 165 to go. The 3 month time frame is tight, but we are gaining!)

The next piece I wanted to work on was a guest book for the reception. The colors for the wedding are a deep cranberry and champagne. I purchased a plain guest book due to the time constraints and will "dress it up" for the wedding. By creating ribbon flowers and pearl berry and crystal clusters I hope to capture the fall theme for her September wedding.

First the berries are created with the glass colored pearls that you can purchase in the craft and fabric stores.You can find them in the bead section. They come in beautiful colors.
Since I am not creating the book and can not sew them through fabric, they will be created using wire.
The pearls are threaded on wire, along with small green seed beads.Holding on to a wire tail, thread the wire through the large beige bead, then through the small green. Thread the wire back through the large beige bead and twist the wire threaded through the beads with the wire tail. The little seed bead rests on top of the pearl. Create groups of three. Notice the small 3 pearl stem in the bottom of the photo. These will be wired together with crystals later to create larger clusters of "berries". The groups of beads can be sewn in a similar manner if creating the clusters on fabric. Pull your thread through the back of the fabric to the front. Thread the needle through the pearl and then a seed bead. Take the thread back through the pearl and again to through the fabric. Sew your next pearl/bead close to the first until you have a grouping of "berries" the size you desire. Sew on your crystals and you are done. I will demonstrate this process later when I create the memory basket for the reception.

In the next post, I will create the ribbon roses and flowers to go along with our berry clusters.

What a joy it is to create gifts for my daughter that will be a reminder of the happy moments of her wedding day.

Until next time....


  1. I also started a blog last November after blogging on the APQ site (it was when they were having some problems with their site). I still keep up with APQ as well. I hope you will visit my new blog. I added you to my google reader so I can keep up with your projects. Ruth

  2. Hi Debra,

    Your blog looks great, as well as your heirloom pieces.

    I can only imagine how busy this time is for you.

    Take care of you!


  3. Yay, welcome to Blogland Debra!

    I love the idea of decorating a guest book, I'm sure you'll do a beautiful job.

    Sounds like the Wagon household is as hectic as usual!

    Cheers, Jen (Lonnie Girl) :o)


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