Monday, June 30, 2008

1st Step in creating dessert stands- think form not function

The first step in creating dessert stands from lampshades is to look at form not function. I love to take an item and make it something else. First example:

I took a $24.00 TJMaxx shelf and turned it into a beautiful mirror. I couldn't find just the right mirror for my home, so I created it using a shelf, a 30.00 mirror in the center, curtain rod holders, wood discs, and scrap molding. I then faux painted it and antiqued it.

I also faux painted the concrete fireplace to look like marble. We had seen an antique one online and I was able to recreate the look for a lot less.

Are you having trouble finding the shelf? Does this help?
Can you visualize the shelf now? When you are shopping for components of what ever you create don't think in terms of function only form.

Here are the curtain rod holders.
Wood discs were added to cover the holes where the curtain rod goes through.

Here are a couple of other examples:

Iron art work for the wall, becomes a castle window to the garden

We have a guest bathroom that we call the throne room. The toilet is
draped like a jousting
chair at contest.
(We don't take ourselves to seriously here - can you tell?)

I faux painted the walls and then added the drapes over and behind the toilet..

The front part of the canopy is done with silk
place mats we picked up for a song. Most of the trim was on the place mats already.

The final example is the handles of silver plate lids of serving pieces.

The tops were dented, but I loved the handles. They looked great in the mud room, with old door knobs, etc. on the coat rack.

So start looking for old lamp shades / parts through out your house
and we will start the dessert stands tomorrow. Enjoy your treasure hunt. Until next time...


  1. You are amazing! That mirror is unbelievable! I'm speechless! I was so impressed with your garden and now this! I predict your blog is going to be soooo popular once everyone finds out about you!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comments! Your mirror is beautiful and your hose and gardens look amazing!

  3. *giggle* love the throne room!

    I remember seeing the mirror on your APQ blog - very inspiring! :o)


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